The 2017 End of the Year Roundup!

10 blog posts you must read before 2017 ends. Get 2018-tech ready

It’s almost midnight, December 23, 2017! I haven’t blogged for the past many days and the year is coming to an end. It got me thinking.

Every year starts with a set of goals and 2017 was no exception. And it is time to look back at the year, celebrate in its success, learn from the mistakes and plan for the year ahead.

When the new year bell rang for 2017, I wanted to focus on adding more value to the readers of my blog. The aim was to provide the best of the reading materials and provide a very basic thing – information and knowledge encapsulated in simple words, in a format understandable and easily comprehensible.

The focus was largely on two very important technology topics – conversational user interfaces and blockchain technology.

Conversational UIs

Amazon Alexa

As each of us surround ourselves with more devices, Amazon Echo, Google Home made major breakthroughs to define how we would interact with these devices in the future, how computing devices would understand voice based commands, provide specific action-based information within seconds and so on. The era of conversational UIs is surely here.

Here I have listed 5 of the most-read and well-accepted articles from my blog that you should read too, before 2017 ends!

Conversational User Interface (CUI) – A Brief Introduction

Read this article to understand what conversational UI is and why they are such a big deal going forward

9 Conversational UI Examples

Once you know what CUI is, here are some examples of CUI implementation. There are hundreds of course as I write this post!

Amazon Alexa: Every Beginner’s Basic Guide

Ever heard of Echo devices from Amazon? Alexa is the underlying platform that techies are using to create skills to redefine human interaction with devices. Read more about it here.

Amazon Alexa Skills – 52 Best and 6 Worst Skills

So what are some of the best skills to try out on the Echo devices? And what are some of the ones you would want to avoid? I have the answer here.

Amazon Echo and Alexa in India – Everything You Ever Wanted to Know

Amazon is looking at India as it’s go to market. A nation of 125 crore or 1.25 billion people, mostly young, has high aspiration, and is tech-savvy, this article provides a brief about the plans the company has for the country.

Blockchain Technology

And 2017 is the year of bitcoins. The word is on everyone’s lips as the year draws to a close and people around me are trying to invest whatever little they can to get a minuscule part of it. More people around know about the word “bitcoin” than they do for “blockchain”. Bitcoin’s Maggi moment indeed!

blockchain for beginners

Here are the 5 most popular blog posts on the blockchain that you need to read today, if you still haven’t!

FREE Blockchain Basics for Beginners Podcast Course

Chances are you have already been a part of it. More than 450 people have gone through this podcast-based course. If you haven’t follow the link!

Blockchain for Beginners – The Complete Dummies Guide

The previous link provides a very detailed explanation of core blockchain concepts. However if you are short of time now and would just like to know what the blockchain is all about, this is your guide. Do not however forget to undergo the free course when you have some time.

21 Blockchain Examples and Applications

Did I not tell you that bitcoin is just a part of blockchain? Read these 21 examples of blockchain implementation to get a hold of how promising the technology is as we move on to 2018.

Bitcoin Mining : The Tell-All Beginners’ Guide

Bitcoin mining was the buzzword in 2017 as bitcoin enthusiasts came together to create mining farms, in order to mine bitcoins. Read more about bitcoin mining here.

Smart Contracts – The Basic Dummies Guide

Smart contracts are a powerful application of the blockchain technology that has the potential to remove third party involvement from a lot of things we do in our day-to-day lives. Read more about smart contracts in this comprehensive guide.

That’s all from Year 2017. Wish you a very Happy New Year, 2018 and see you in the new year with some interesting articles and guides.

The 2017 End of the Year Roundup!

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