Who’s Building the Best AI? Meet the Winner

AI Winner Nvidia

Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Baidu are fighting it out to outrun each other when it comes to Artificial Intelligence innovation.

Whoever the winner among the above be – the clear winner is Nvidia. Here’s why

1. GPUs (Graphics Processor Units) are the industry standards for deep learning.

2. Deep learning is a branch of AI used extensively by tech companies to build personalized VAs, image recognition, and software behind self learning cars.

3. Most tech companies have partnered with Nvidia for using its hardware.

4. Microsoft announced partnership with Nvidia for DGX-1 supercomputer which is AI-tailored

5. Google’s upgraded cloud services will offer to run from Nvidia GPUs in 2017

6. Facebook’s open-source Big Sur design for their server racks also rely on Nvidia hardware

7. Tesla’s autopilot cars feature Nvidia’s autonomous car hardware PX2

8. Baidu has forged a partnership with Nvidia for its road mapping and self driving systems.

9. Nvidia’s datacenter revenue grew by 193% in FY 2016-17 and stock rose more than 220% in 2016.

Disclaimer: The content first appeared on QZ.com. You can read the detailed article here.

Who’s Building the Best AI? Meet the Winner

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