When a Neighbour Came to My Rescue

when a neighbour came to my rescue

This week has been a very hectic one.

Averaging 12-15 hours daily with tensed clients heaving down the neck of teams at both offshore and onshore; I have been waiting for the last day of the working week to be sure whether I would get a holiday on Saturday and Sunday or would need to rush to office.

So on Friday I got up, got ready and moved out for office. It was a considerably easier yet tough day.

With a sense of reality dawning on me that the next two days would be easier, a sense of joy filled me. To complement this, a dinner with a colleague made it a “all’s well that ends well” week!

I came back home and standing outside the door was surprised. The door was locked, but the lock was not mine.

How could that have been possible? Did I use some other lock in the morning – I tried to remember!

Every key I tried did not work.

The lock was not mine, it was some one else’s!

In the whole apartment that dates back to the late 1990s, and housed 12 flats, I had known this man only who had shown me around the flat on the very first day. But we never interacted every time we met. An occasional – “kaise ho aap”, “achha hoon”, “thik hoon” used to end our conversation. Except one summer night when I found his AC on fire and had to alert him to ensure our safety.

I rushed downstairs (my flat being on the first floor), and knocked! His wife came out. She did not quite recognize me. Even the man was not there.

Another lady came out. She smiled at me! I recognized her to be the one who lives in the adjacent flat.

She informed me – “Aap darwaza khula rakh ke chale gaye the. Maine lock kar diya hain”

And she asked me to get the keys from her son. I got the keys from her son with a “thank you” and “good night”.

In life developing good relationships with your neighbors is very important.

Most cities lack it.

Surely this lady was very kind and noble to ensure that my belongings stayed safe. She could have ignored with a “not my job” attitude. She did not.

I am hoping to get some sweets and chocolates for them as a token of thanks!

When a Neighbour Came to My Rescue

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