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What Small Businesses Need

Most entrepreneurial journey around the world starts from small shops. Some prefer to call them as mom and pop stores.

India is now at the cusp of a digital revolution. With the Make In India and Digital India initiative, more and more small businesses are being encouraged to expand and drive more sales.

In cities like Bhubaneswar and Kolkata, and in every other city of India more businesses are going online.

With the young population spending more time online, and people getting busier with lives, Google has become a friend like never before.

Firstly, Small businesses need visibility online. It is required to drive more sales. Every visitor will not become your client at the end of the day. But there can be no client with zero visitors.

So if you are starting a food delivery service from your home, word of mouth can get you a certain distance. What about the populace that will search for “home style food delivery” or “food delivery at home”.

Or if you have are a freelancer from Kolkata that does VA jobs, will your name show up when someone searches for “VA Freelancers in Kolkata”?

You need your business to be reachable online and visibility is important for that.

Secondly, you would spend more of your time trying to reach out to clients, strategizing promotional campaigns, optimizing your business.

You sure would not want yourself to be tied up with website maintenance for the major part of the day. That is a waste of time.

Should you not be investing your energy in areas that you know about, rather than trying to understand the nitty gritty of how a website works, how to drive traffic, how to automate client responses and so on?

The Solution – Need for Blogging SEO Services

In one word “outsource” because you want your business to take shape and grow over time. And unless you are the tech nerd, why would you need to waste your energy when there are individuals and orga

On a broader sense this is what you need to do online for better visibility, lead generation and increased sales.

Have a Blog section on your website

Your website tells a visitor what you do. Your blog section tells how well you know about your business.

Large corporations use the term “thought leadership” to define the same. On your blog you write long form content, detailed, well analysed to tell your prospective client that you know about your business.

You know about the problems that you are seeking to resolve and how you propose to solve them effectively.

Your blog is constantly updated to highlight the latest trends from your niche. It signals to your website visitor that you are active, updated and you can of help.

Target Clients Through your Blog by Implementing SEO

As highlighted above, you can target your clients through content that is well analyzed and well written.

Implementing SEO on your content will help your website come up on Google results. This will lead to more visitors and clients.

Taking help of blogging and SEO services are important if you are not a SEO nerd. It’s fine, you concentrate on your business while the experts take care of the rest. Isn’t that fair?

Social Media Usage for Engagement

Social networking sites are in vogue and they will continue to grow every day, every month and every year.

Having an active social media profile, be it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, etc. is important and should be taken care of.

Creating and scheduling posts will help increase user engagement and interaction leading to client acquisition.

How can my blogging and SEO services Help

This is why I am the man for your needs and all of these are guaranteed right from the word “go”.

No Team, I do it myself

I have no team. I work alone. So if you are asking me to do something, I am not managing any team.

I put 100% of effort to ensure that you get the results that you seek. I am my own team and I take full responsibility of what needs to be delivered to you.

One Project at a Time

You must have come across freelancers or blogging and SEO services where one individual takes up multiple projects and work on them simultaneously.

I don’t do that. If I take up one project, unless it is completed I don’t start working on the other. I can assure you that.

Multi-tasking is not bad. But I prefer putting all my energy in one project to ensure it is a success.

Reasonable prices

Blogging and SEO services around the world come at premium prices.

I offer value for money services at affordable prices. You can check my blogging and SEO services package here.

If you are looking for a more customized package, send me a message using the Contact form and I shall reply back to you at the earliest.

Quicker Delivery

When I take up a project, I discuss the deadlines with the client and I assure delivery within the deadline. That’s a promise.

No lags, no extensions.

Over 8 years of Experience

I have over 8 years of experience in blogging and writing content to rank on Google. I have achieved considerable success.

Read my success story from my own blog and website where I have successfully ranked on Google Page 1 in most cases.

Support available for 15 days after delivery at no extra cost

After the delivery and payment is done, I would be reachable on email for support related queries and modifications required on your blog content that I have created as part of the project.

This would be for 15 days and I charge no extra amount for the same.

What Services I Offer

– Domain and Hosting Consultation
– Website and Blog setup
– Basic SEO Setup
– Social Media Setup
– Content Writing
– SEO Targeted Content Creation
– Keyword Consultation
– Local SEO Targeting

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