Unplugging Facebook


There has been a constant reminder for the past few days that I have been missing something. There’s something that I am not doing daily, whenever I get a bit of free time. The Facebook app icon on my mobile is missing and somehow the absence is very noticeable.  

I am a Facebook-addict and there is no pride in it!

For someone as opinionated as me, deciding to deactivate my Facebook account was a big decision. It all happened at the spur of a moment one fine Tuesday morning.  

It’s a difficult decision to make and a much more difficult one to keep. Post Facebook deactivation, life has been peacefully difficult.  

The urge to log in has been there, every day. For people like me who spend most of the week cooped up in a cubicle at office, Facebook is very happening – political mudslinging, social unravelling, gastronomy, the degeneration of Indian society, life events of friends and virtual friends, and the list is too big to put down here. 

Ever since I logged off, I have been having quieter and more peaceful after-office hours. I cooked dinner for myself every day for the past couple of days and it felt reassuring and happy. 

I get to relax more and better and get to sleep much earlier!

Last night I dozed off to sleep by 10:30. Calling it off on a Friday night is incredibly unbelievable to me since browsing Facebook and chatting on WhatsApp and doing nothing till 2 AM has been pretty normal for years even till last week. It helped me sleep early, better and wake up early at dawn by 5:30. I took a long morning walk and confirmed that Bhubaneswar is no longer the sleepy city it used to be till a couple of years back; with cars and vehicles all around and shops getting ready to start business, that is some realization to start the day with. 

Back in 2014, I had decided to quit Twitter. I was addicted to Twitter at that point in time with few of my tweets getting primetime media mention (it’s not a big deal though). It pumped me up for more till it started negatively impacting my life – both professional and personal. I deleted my account, and created a new one many months later. I lost more than a couple of thousands of my followers in a single click. Not that I never questioned my decision later, however five years down the line, I am certainly not active and addicted to it. 

Deciding to plug off is difficult. I am not sure how long I would be able to keep off Facebook. I have a few write-ups in there that I am incredibly proud off, and if I come out of this self-imposed de-addiction program and decide to delete the account, I will surely miss some of my popular notes that are very close to my heart. 

This isn’t a success yet, the next in line is WhatsApp! 

I will try to keep this space updated and although the focus is on technology on this blog, some personal thoughts can always go in, isn’t it? 

Unplugging Facebook

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