Uh…Oh! Antivirus just saved me, my website, my laptop!

I had written a blog post a few weeks ago titled – Dear Brothers and Sisters of Kashmir.

Ever since this post was made, I received a lot of views on the page. And with it came a lot of SPAM comments. To be precise 86 comments, and all spam.

I grew frustrated and wished to know what it achieved as I continued reading through each of them and marking them as spam one by one. This continued till today!

I decided to do a early morning blog post and my dashboard showed 1 comment. Confident that it was another spam comment on the same post, I proceeded and stopped short of marking it as spam.

I clicked on the link that came up below the profile image and I was redirected to a site. Well the website was in a language I could not comprehend and I closed it.


I came back to my website dashboard and within seconds Kaspersky warned me of a Trojan Attack. Within a span of 60 seconds, I received more than 45 notifications from my anti-virus.


It warned me saying a script has been blocked from downloading and executing and I should close my browser immediately.

I was so taken aback and scared by all these, that I could only heed to what dear anti-virus was asking me to.

I reopened my browser and as am typing this blog post, I thanked myself for having bought a licensed version.

Today, my website is saved from a most probable attack and who knows even data in my laptop could have been compromised.

Have an anti-virus friends! It costs hardly 1000 for a year. We spend much more than that on futile things!

I am thinking – are there any scripts that my anti-virus failed to comprehend and neutralize? Only time would tell…

Uh…Oh! Antivirus just saved me, my website, my laptop!

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