5 Things To Do With Your Old and Outdated Appliances

The majority of appliances aren’t built to last in the long-term. Whether they don’t have the features of newer models, they don’t offer what you need, or they break down after a couple of years’ use, there’s always a reason to buy something new. In fact, the lifespan of a washing machine is about six years, meaning you’ll likely buy 10 or more of them throughout your life.

1. Pass It On

With more people than ever opting for second-hand or refurbished
to make ends meet, especially those moving out for the first time, choosing to pass on a used appliance can be the ultimate gift.
Whether you put your old fridge on the marketplace at a low cost or pass it on to another family member, if there’s nothing wrong with your appliance other than age, this might be the best eco-friendly solution.

2. Try your brand’s recycling scheme

Many different appliance brands now offer comprehensive
recycling schemes
on a range of their products, from ovens to fridges, TVs to hoovers and anything else in-between. It’s always worth getting in contact with the brand of your appliance directly to see if they offer recycling in your area. This is a responsible way to get rid of your appliances quickly and easily.

3. Use Your Council’s Recycling Facilities

If your appliances are relatively small or your car quite large, choosing to transport old appliances yourself to your local recycling center can be an easy way to recycle appliances that are unwanted or unneeded, especially when it comes to electronics that no longer function. Speaking to your council directly can provide you with more insight into the recycling process for appliances in your local area.

4. Keep It As Backup

You might have invested in that shiny new piece of tech, but can you guarantee it will last in the long run? If there’s nothing wrong with your appliances other than their age, keeping them around as a potential backup could be the perfect solution. If you have a garage with power, you can even use a second fridge-freezer for extra storage if you want – perfect for additional frozen items and great for a few beers in the summer.

5. Donate Your Appliances

If you’re not keen on the idea of recycling a perfectly fine piece of
technology just because you’ve upgraded, and you don’t know anyone who needs a second-hand washing machine or oven, then donating your appliance could be the best option. Far greener than disposal, this method means your old appliances can go to someone in need; whether it’s through the profit made of its sale in a charity shop, or through it being gifted to someone in desperate need of appliances.

What do you plan to do with your used appliances? Whether your washing machine works or not, or your fridge still functions, there’s always an eco-friendlier option to suit you. You just have to know where to look.

5 Things To Do With Your Old and Outdated Appliances

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