The Two Buses

two bus

Travelling from home to office has always been a short trip for me. It’s like get out of home and reach office in the next 10 minutes.

But things changed with a location transfer in office and the “short” got replaced with “relatively long”.

That meant travelling on the two-blue-striped white bus everyday and being on road for close to 2 hours every day, not something I am very used to.

Today on Day 2, the bus took a turn around Jaydev Vihar flyover, and just then another bus came next to it. This yellow-colored bus had the name of a city-based engineering college printed on it. It was a college bus, half-filled with students in uniform.

As occupants of both buses looked at the other through the windows, I had an uncanny feeling of what might be going on.

The students sitting in the college bus was aspiring to travel in the bus I was seated in (and travelling to office), while I had a rare moment of going back to my college days.

Two different buses, two different destinations, in one were seated the students, in other the professionals. Yet there was something that connected them – thoughts.

One had dreams, the other memories.

Life goes on!

The Two Buses

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