OptinChat – Using AI to Drive in Subscribers


Noticed the chat icon at the bottom of your screen that has my pic?

OptinChat chatbox

Yes this one!

I chanced upon OptinChat when I was surfing the internet looking to get more subscribers for this blog. Since then, the experience has been awesome.

OptinChat – What and Why?

If you own a blog or business website, you must be looking to grow your audience. You might have tried out social posts, embedded forms, pop ups and so many things. And you were not satisfied with the rate at which your subscribers grew.

I know it. I have been there and done that and grew frustrated over time. Just then OptinChat came to my rescue.

OptinChat provides a chat box to your site. Not exactly a live chat, but imitates a live chat. It appears at the bottom of your website or blog just similar to what you find here.

Reports suggest that using OptinChat results in high conversions at 14%. In my case it has been close to 17% over the past couple of months.

All this is thanks to the interactive nature of the chatbot. It provides modules or options to create a customized AI chat.

You can create your questionnaire and interact with readers based on their response.

Based on whether the reader’s response is in the affirmative or negative, you can customize questions.

The product also features page level targeting – which means you can show different messages on different pages. For example, in your “About Me” page you can send them the option to connect on Facebook and other social media channels.

Once the reader has provided his or her email ID and other details like name, etc. the same gets stored either on Google Sheet’s excel sheet or you can integrate it with MailerLite, MailChimp, Zapier, etc.

How to Get OptinChat for your Website?

If you are wondering if you can do it or not on your website, I assure you that the signup process and configuration process is very easy. You just need to provide your details for sign up, create a questionnaire and embed the JS code using the WordPress plugin.

Following are the steps to get it done on your website:

– Go to the OptinChat website


– Signup with your E-mail ID and Password to create an account.

– Post signup you would be signed in automatically where you will have to configure OptinChat for your website as follows:

  • Enter the Topbar name. Give any name of your choice.
  • Enter the Intro text – any text that you want to give for welcoming your viewers.
  • Enter your Optin question, Reply for no, E-mail question, Name question, Thank you text, and Blacklist link (if any) one after another. You can add questions that will increase the interactivity with your client.
  • Click on SAVE. At the bottom, you can see a script tag, copy that tag and paste it before the body tag of your HTML code. If you are using a WordPress blog, then you have to download the respective plug-in on your WordPress blog.

And you are done! Watch your subscribers increase every day!!!

Plans and Pricing

OptinChat provides both free and premium plans. Following are the various plans provided:

  • Free Plan – 100,000 page views a month
  • Premium Plans – 500,000 page views a month.
  • Enterprise Plans – 1,000,000 page views a month

Page view is counted each time an optin loads on the page(s) it is embedded on.

Should you Consider OptinChat?

Of course you should. Try out their free version and you would be amazed.

The product is non-intrusive and is very user friendly conversion engine. All assets are delivered from the CDN network for high load speed  and it has seamless real-time integrations.

Not to forget that it is works on mobile devices as well.

What are you waiting for? Get OptinChat today.

OptinChat – Using AI to Drive in Subscribers

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