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In 2018, Hired published a report saying that in the past one year, the demand for blockchain specialists have increased by 400%.

According to another report, the average earning of a blockchain engineer have soared to between $150-175,000 per year. That’s more than than the $135,000 average software engineer salary, that puts AI and Machine Learning specialists in the same bracket as blockchain engineers – a near 20% difference in salary.

That is how important and vital the blockchain technology is today. The demand is high, the supply is a lot lesser. Getting a strong foundation in blockchain is important in 2019 for all

In August, 2017…

I put together 5 topics and put them up on this website bundled in a free to register course. Till October, 2018 close to 900 people registered and completed the course. The feedback was encouraging and motivated me to dig deeper into the technology to bring up this course.

What You’ll Learn About the Blockchain

  • Understanding what a Blockchain is and how it works
  • Learn about the technologies that power the Blockchain
  • Getting to know the advanced Blockchain concepts
  • Case studies of products and platforms built on Blockchain
  • How Blockchain can help in different industry verticals
  • How to approach Blockchain development


There are no requirements needed to enroll beyond having an academic, professional and/or business interest in understanding the whats and hows of blockchain technology and how it seek to improve the functioning of various industries.

The Ultimate Blockchain Learning List

I am sure that once you go through the topics mentioned below you will get a strong foundation in the basics of the blockchain technology.

I have made every attempt to provide a 360 degree coverage all major topics concerning the blockchain as we know today.

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Learn Blockchain 1: Preparing for the Blockchain Journey

The links in these section is a non-technical deep drive into understanding the world today without blockchain and how distributed ledger technologies like the blockchain perform a transaction. This is an ice-breaking module to prepare you for the core and advanced topics.

The World Today and The Need for Blockchains – A couple of examples on how transaction happen in a centralized world where data is controlled by a single person. What would happen if decentralization happens? Read this article to be able to appreciate the technology.

Understanding Distributed Ledger Technology – Also known as DLT, this article explains what the term means and the various facets of the same.

Simple Example to Understand Blockchain Transaction – A non-technical and simple explanation of how a transaction happens over the blockchain. A graphical illustration with an example will help you learn blockchain better.

Learn Blockchain 2: Core Blockchain Concepts

Your blockchain learning starts here. Get to know the core components that build a blockchain and how they interact with each other to provide a powerful technology that will revolutionize the way transactions happen today.

Peer-to-peer Network – P2P networks have been around for a long time now. Remember Torrent? Understand how this helps the cause of blockchain.

Cryptography and Digital Signatures – Data encryption and signatures are important facets of the technology lending it much of its strong points. The terms are explained from a blockchain point of view.

Understanding Blockchain Design – Blockchain consists of blocks only. Learn what the blocks contain and how information is stored in the blocks, including how blocks are connected to each other. The core of blockchain, explained here.

Blockchain Features – Pretty self-explanatory, learn the feature of blockchain from this article.

Types of Blockchain – Again, self-explanatory, learn the types of blockchain and when to use each of them in the real world.

Merkle Trees – A concept of data structure that finds implementation in blockchain technology. Learn the concepts and how blockchain implements it.

Hashing in Blockchain – Data is sensitive, more so when many participants are involved in it. Blockchain implements hashing to ensure that data integrity is maintained. How? Learn it here.

Understanding Consensus Protocols – When you have many participants having a copy of the data, and you need to add newer data to it, there has to be rules to which people conform to. This mechanism helps to accept or reject data blocks without pushing the system into a state of anarchy. This article will explain what blockchain consensus protocols are and how they are implemented.

Proof of Work (PoW) – Learn the concept behind implementation of the first and most widely used consensus protocol today.

Proof of Stake (PoS) – Learn why PoS came into place as a major blockchain consensus protocol and how it arrives at a consensus.

Other Consensus Protocols – An overview of other consensus protocols that are implemented across the industry, though not as popular as the PoW or PoS.

Byzantine Fault Tolerance – BFT is an age-old solution to prevent network failures and ensure that the network never goes down. Learn why BFT is an important concept in blockchains and how it helps the network.

Blockchain Components – Self-explanatory. Learn the components making up the blockchain.

Learn Blockchain 3: Advanced Blockchain Concepts

In this section you will take a deep dive into how blockchain implementation would take place in the real world through smart contracts, oracles, sidechains, etc. You will also learn about the experimental DAO, bitcoin’s lightning network, and forking. Learning the advancement concepts of blockchain is important to appreciate the technology.

Smart Contracts – The Dummies Guide – This is a deep dive into understanding the contract system today and how contracts can be put in the blockchain to ensure better and trustless implementation. Learn the concepts, learn how smart contracts work in blockchain, the features of a smart contract, types, etc.

Smart Contracts Platforms and Applications – Learn about the various platforms and applications of smart contracts

Oracles – More than 90% of data in the world today live outside the blockchain. How to take the dual advantage of this data and the powerful features of the blockchain? Oracles come to the rescue.

The DAO – A failed experiment that taught a number of important lessons for organizations that aim to create decentralized workplaces in the future. An interesting read!

Understanding Forks – Learn what forking means and the types of forks.

Lightning Network in Bitcoins – Learn how lightning network, as the name suggests, help improve the number of transactions that take place in bitcoins every second.

Sidechains and 2-way Pegs – How can a blockchain interact with another blockchain? Read this article to know more.

Learn Blockchain 4: Blockchain Products and Platforms – An Overview

Learning the blockchain is incomplete without knowing the major products and platforms that exist in the market. There are more than 1 thousand of them, I have covered only the most significant ones in this section.



The Others: Litecoin, Dash, Ripple, Hyperledger

Tangle and IOTA


Learn Blockchain 5: Career in Blockchain

Now that you have a good idea on the blockchain, the most obvious questions that you would ask is about he career options in blockchain. I have got you covered!

A Career in Blockchain

Getting Started as a Blockchain Developer

Happy Learning!

Important Point to Remember

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