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How the Ebook “The Notification” Was Authored – TechieSamrat.com

How the Ebook “The Notification” Was Authored

The Notification by Samrat Roy Chowdhuri - Cover

It has been one resolution that I wanted to tick for over a year now.

The idea of a quick draft sprang in one particular night – yes, that’s when all ideas come in. The thought did not stay with me. The next morning I was doing, what I generally do on a weekend.

A few days later, the idea came back knocking. I logged in to my OneDrive and scribbled for a few minutes. A few minutes later, I re-read what I had just written. “What’s this shit about?”, I asked myself and logged out.

That’s when the idea of taking a leaf out of my life struck me. And I went ahead. Logged in. Scribbled.

It was not easy. And I shared the outline with a few friends online who encouraged me to go ahead and get it  published once I am done.

The first draft was completed within a couple of weeks. That was back in August, 2015.

The Notification by Samrat Roy Chowdhuri - Cover
The Notification by Samrat Roy Chowdhuri – Cover

I revised it. It looked okay.

The encouragement for publishing came from many friends, most of them from school. I looked up for information on the internet and lo – Publishing is easy these days!

I browsed as much as I could and got my doubts answered. This took quite sometime.

But…the enthusiasm to get it published did not stay for long and soon I was doing what I do otherwise – launching blogs, helping business go online, searching for ideas, debating on social networking sites.

The only common thing that happened with all of the above was that it involved writing (read typing). And the credit for all of it goes to my dad and teachers back in school and college.

Time flew by. And then suddenly, one day, while browsing my files on OneDrive I chanced upon the first draft.

A cup of Darjeeling tea (at least that is what the label told) provided me the much needed impetus to re-read the entire thing. I cut off a few paragraphs, added new ones, made modifications here and there.

It took me 4-5 hours at a stretch and I missed dinner, I had forgotten about it, so engrossed I was in preparing the draft. But it was satisfying when I read through.

It was then that I chanced upon Amazon Self Publishing. Again a bit of studying and gathering information.

A few days later, I pushed myself. I told myself – “Look buddy, it’s high time you do it.”

I again went through the entire script. This time however, there were lesser changes and I was more or less happy with what I called the final draft.

I had to title it – and this was considerably the difficult part. I am no literature student. I knew the importance of a good title because that decides if people will read the description. Buying a book comes much much later.

I wrote down a few names and nothing sort of felt good. Happens every time! I wanted to keep it simple and then “The Notification” felt to be the best among the choices that my brain could spin off.

I wanted the entire venture to cost me nothing except time which luckily I had during weekends.

Queries, questions, word of advice, encouragement – I need them all, feel free, shoot down in the comments section.

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How the Ebook “The Notification” Was Authored

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