Getting Started with Blockchain Development

Blockchain Development - Getting Started

One of the most frequently asked questions on platforms like Quora is how to learn blockchain development. I get emails every week asking on what the best place is to learn blockchain application development.

This course is not about blockchain development, however, I strongly feel that if I do not provide you with a few resources and hints on where and how to start with developing blockchain based apps, I would be doing some sort of injustice. 

When it comes to coding on the blockchain, it can mean many things – some of them being as follows –

  1. creating and designing how a blockchain network works
  2. designing and coding smart contracts and DAPPs (decentralized applications)

The most number of openings that you have today, and this will continue in the future is creating smart contracts and dApps.

So where do you get started?

Ethereum and Solidity

Ethereum is huge and the most widely used platform today. To code on Ethereum what you need to know is a language called Solidity.

Solidity is pretty much similar to JavaScript and it complies into JavaScript. If you are interested in learning Solidity, you should know at least the basics of JavaScript.

Interactive Guide – Cryptozombies

The best guide on the internet is this! Built by Loom Network, this is an interactive guide that teaches you the basics of smart contract programming by helping you code on solidity.

While you learn, you also create your own army of zombies. You learn coding while creating a game. 

Learning to create DApps through Solidity
Learning to create DApps through Solidity

There are currently 6 chapters that you can learn a lot from. These chapters will teach you the basics and advanced concepts of Solidity, how to create a battle system on Ethereum, how to create and play around with collectibles, among others.

More are planned. Sign up without delay!

Truffle Framework – Pet Shop

Another excellent guide to learn how to code on Solidity is the pet adoption shop through Truffle Framework’s guide.

Creating Dapps through Truffle Framework
Creating Dapps through Truffle Framework

What is the Truffle Framework? This is what their website says – 

A world class development environment, testing framework and asset pipeline for blockchains using the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), aiming to make life as a developer easier.

This guide will take you through the following:

  1. Setting up of your development environment
  2. Creating a Truffle Project
  3. Writing, compiling and testing the smart contract
  4. Creating the user interface for your pet shop
  5. Interaction through browser

This tutorial uses JavaScript and HTML along with Solidity. You will also come across MetaMask which brings Ethereum to your local browser.


Growing in popularity with each passing day, Hyperledger is an open source global collaboration hosted by The Linux Foundation including industry leaders from various verticals.

This is basically a framework or platform that lets you create your own blockchain frameworks and distributed ledgers.

Java / C# / Python/ Others

If you are a working professional, chances are you might feel uncomfortable learning a new language. You already have options to create blockchain and blockchain based apps out of Java, C#, Python, etc.

I am sharing some links to help you get started.


Building Blockchain in Java

Creating Your First Blockchain with Java

Blockchain Implementation with Java

Blockchain with Java

C# / .Net

Building a Blockchain in .Net Core

Building Proof of Work in .Net Core

Transactions and Rewards in .Net Core

Building a P2P Blockchain


Introduction to Blockchain using Python

Learn Blockchains by Creating One

Build Your Own Blockchain

I hope that these links will surely help you get started on the blockchain. Remember, the best way to learn coding is through doing it on the computer screen.

The pain in setting up the initial environment, debugging errors, will earn you success in the long run.

All the best!

Getting Started with Blockchain Development

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