Blockchain Basics for Beginners Course

Close to 900 learners from over 10 countries got trained in Blockchain Basics through the Blockchain Basics for Beginners Course in the past 15 months. That too without spending a single dollar or rupee!

This is what others have to say about this e-course

Blockchain Basics for Beginners ecourse was very helpful and introducd me to this very interesting technology. This technology will be a revolution.
 – Mohammad Zaki, Equity Advisor, Hyderabad, India
Your course is great for the beginners. Your examples have made it is super easy to understand. Looking forward to new courses. Thanks a lot!
– Ivan Solomichev
Thank you for the amazing tutorials that cleared my concepts regarding blockchain completely.
-Surbhi Miglani
Honestly the blockchain basics course has been helpful and dificult to critique for its beginners objectives are fullfilled. If I were to make recomendations, I would suggest you add 1/2 case studies. That is, present a problem and suggest it´s solution through the blockchain technology
– Pablo Salonio, Project Manager, Argentina
The daily lessons are very nice and interesting and the examples you gave to understand the concept is really nice and it is easily understandable .
– Vuddanti Vijayshri

I am launching a revamped, affordable, more detailed e-course this December, 2018

Hired recently published a report saying that in the past one year, the demand for blockchain specialists have increased by 400%.

According to another report, the average earning of a blockchain engineer have soared to between $150-175,000 per year. That’s more than than the $135,000 average software engineer salary, that puts AI and Machine Learning specialists in the same bracket as blockchain engineers – a near 20% difference in salary.

That is how important and vital the blockchain technology is today. The demand is high, the supply is a lot lesser. Getting a strong foundation in blockchain is important in 2019 for a

In August, 2017…

I put together 5 topics and put them up on this website bundled in a free to register course. Till October, 2018 close to 900 people registered and completed the course. The feedback was encouraging and motivated me to dig deeper into the technology to bring up this course.

What You’ll Learn

  • Understanding what a Blockchain is and how it works
  • Understanding the technologies that power the Blockchain
  • Understanding advanced Blockchain concepts
  • Case studies of products and platforms built on Blockchain
  • How Blockchain can help in different industry verticals
  • How to approach Blockchain development

Mode of Delivery

  • Text (in English)
  • Quizzes
  • Assignments
  • Downloadbles

More Information

There are two types of certificates available for this course –

Course Participation Certificate

This e-certificate is awarded to anyone who has registered and gone through a minimum of 80% of the course material.

blockchain course certificate for participation
Sample Participation Certificate for Blockchain Foundation Course

Course Completion Certificate

This e-certificate is awarded to anyone who has scored 60% and above in the quizzes.

Successful Completion Certificate for Blockchain Foundation Course
Sample Successful Completion Certificate for Blockchain Foundation Course

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Blockchain Basics for Beginners Course

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