Facebook Live for Pages on Desktop/Laptop

facebook live video for pages from desktop laptop

Previously if you wanted to go live from your Facebook Page you had the following two options:

– Use your desktop/laptop to install an API to record live videos
– Use your mobile phone app to broadcast live

Well this changes now, and for the better. Facebook has launched the Live streaming feature for desktops or laptops which means you can now easily go live without the need of any complex set up.

Additionally, you need not compromise on the quality of your video. Your streaming looks professional. In order to go live from your Facebook Page login to your page as the Administrator and click on “Start a Live Video”

facebook live video for pages from desktop laptop

If this was not good news, there is a cherry on top of it too.

You can now allow Contributors to start a live video too without making them the admin of your page. This would mean the newly announced “Live Contributors” can start their own live video.

To set it up go to your Page Settings, click on Page Role, scroll to “Assign a Page Role” and select “Live Contributor”

add live contributor for facebook live videos


This would of course come as useful to journalists among others.

A couple of more features that were announced include –

– More metrics for video performance is now available which includes insights for 7, 30 and 60 days. Also included in it are total minutes viewed, total number of views, and total engagements (likes, reactions, link clicks, etc).

– Pages can now pin live comments. This can be useful to provided necessary information to users as and when they join the live video. It can also be used to inform viewers about the question that is currently being answered.

– Pages finally have a permalink for their videos at ‘facebook.com/’pagename’/videos.’ Ongoing live videos will be pinned to the top, making it a quick and easy way to direct users towards you page during a broadcast, and to let recurring visitors know where to go.

Source: TheNextWeb

Facebook Live for Pages on Desktop/Laptop

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