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Hired recently published a report saying that in the past one year, the demand for blockchain specialists have increased by 400%.

According to another report, the average earning of a blockchain engineer have soared to between $150-175,000 per year. That’s more than than the $135,000 average software engineer salary, that puts AI and Machine Learning specialists in the same bracket as blockchain engineers – a near 20% difference in salary.

That is how important and vital the blockchain technology is today. The demand is high, the supply is a lot lesser. Getting a strong foundation in blockchain is important in 2019 for a

In August, 2017…

I put together 5 topics and put them up on this website bundled in a free to register course. Till October, 2018 close to 900 people registered and completed the course. The feedback was encouraging and motivated me to dig deeper into the technology to bring up this course.

What You’ll Learn

  • Understanding what a Blockchain is and how it works
  • Understanding the technologies that power the Blockchain
  • Understanding advanced Blockchain concepts
  • Case studies of products and platforms built on Blockchain
  • How Blockchain can help in different industry verticals
  • How to approach Blockchain development

Please check the “Curriculum” tab for list of topics


There are no requirements needed to enroll beyond having an academic, professional and/or business interest in understanding the whats and hows of blockchain technology and how it seek to improve the functioning of various industries.

Mode of Delivery

  • Text (in English)
  • Quizzes
  • Assignments

More Information

There are two types of certificates available for this course –

Course Participation Certificate

This e-certificate is awarded to anyone who has registered and gone through a minimum of 80% of the course material. This certificate is manually generated and sent to you over email.

Course Completion Certificate

This e-certificate is awarded to anyone who has scored 60% and above in the quizzes. Certificate is automatically generated once the completion criteria is fulfilled. You can download it.

Refund Policy

A lot of hard work, research has gone into creation of this course. Every care has been taken to ensure that you are satisfied with the course and that the objectives enlisted are met.

However, it may so happen that you do not like the course content and in such a scenario we do allow refunds. To protect genuine refund requests from fraudulent requests, we have refund policy in place as follows:

  1. Any refund requested in 5 days will be processed provided point 2 is not violated
  2. If more than 40% of the course is attended at the time of seeking refund, no refund will be processed

To initiate a refund, please drop an email to contact@techiesamrat.com from your registered email ID with the reason for seeking refund.

For any other details related to the curriculum, certificates, pricing, refunds, and special offers in case of bulk enrollments (5 or more learners), please drop an email to contact@techiesamrat.com.

Enroll today, get a rock solid foundation in the blockchain.

Course Features

  • Lectures 34
  • Quizzes 0
  • Language English
  • Students 56
  • Certificate Yes
  • Assessments Yes
Samrat Roy Chowdhuri
A foodie at heart, a blogger by passion, I am a Technology Lead by profession with Infosys Limited. I am a technology enthusiast and my interest lies in knowing and exploring new technologies. This blog is an earnest effort from my end to share information on technologies like the blockchain, cryptocurrencies, conversational interfaces/chatbots, among others. I have recently launched Blockchain Foundation Course which is an earnest attempt to educate learners and enable them with a strong foundation in the newest technology of 21st century.


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