Blockchain in India – Exploring Where We Stand Today

Blockchain in India has been gaining traction over the past several months. Blockchain is a decentralized, public ledger that provides important features like immutability to prevent data corruption, strong encryption capabilities to ensure safety of data and transparency. The technology has received widespread enthusiasm and excitement and leading banks, financial institutions, supply chain corporations, tech […]

Demystifying Prediction Markets on Blockchain

Imagine an open, trust-less, permission-less platform that can reward humans and programs and machines for predicting the future! Yes, I am talking about prediction markets on blockchain. Decentralized platforms will change almost everything about how we function in our society. It will change the way we share wealth, may be stop environment degradation, assist our […]

World’s First Amazon Alexa Powered Smartwatch Launched in India – Read the Specs

Amazon Alexa finally Arrives in India with iMCO Smartwatch For those of us who always wanted Amazon Alexa to arrive in India, the wait is over! And, in style. The world’s first smartwatch that is powered by Alexa has been launched in India. Delhi based e-commerce platform Yerha launched iMCO smartwatch formerly known as CoWatch, […]

14 Amazon Alexa Commands Every New User Should Try Today

While Google Home is still struggling to expand its library of commands; Alexa has already established a niche amongst the other digital assistant manufacturing companies. Till date, Alexa stands unbeatable when it comes to serve the humanity with its unique smart speakers: Echo, Dot and Tap, embossing a perfect amalgamation of Artificial Intelligence and Machine […]

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