Conversational Interfaces

Amazon Alexa: Every Beginner’s Basic Guide

Inspired from the Star Trek Computer, Amazon aspired to develop an interface which was capable of communicating with the human being or in other words you can say a conversational UI. This resulted into birth of a smart, intelligent personal assistant which obeyed your voice commands, known as Amazon Alexa!!! What is Amazon Alexa? Alexa […]

How this Visually Impaired Guy Made Online Shopping Easier for the Blind

The Failure of Screen Readers For the visually impaired, online shopping is a very harrowing experience. Screen Reader is the only available option for them. For people who have used websites and apps easily, going blind provides a range of problems when it comes to accessing the very same. That means people, many of whom […]

13 Conversational UI Trends for 2017

Bots and conversational UI have made huge strides in 2016. In 2017, this momentum will continue to grow. Read about the conversational UI trends that bot architects, designers, developers will follow in 2017. Conversational UI Trends that Bot Industry will Follow in 2017 9 Conversational UI Examples Build Lasting Relationships with Customers through bots Conversational marketing is […]

Peeqo – the GIF Communicating Robot

Hola Peeqo! 🙂 We have discussed about Conversational UI on mobile platforms and hand held devices, including Apple TV and how CUI has been embedded in applications. If you still haven’t read about examples of conversational UI, follow the link. However, Abhishek Singh did not quite implement conversational UI on some android apps. He created an entire […]

9 Conversational UI Examples

Conversational UI is already making waves in tech circles with organizations automating their processes around how chat bots interact with customers. In this article we will take a look at conversational UI examples and conversational UI apps as implemented by many organizations. Conversational UI Examples WeChat WeChat is a dominant chatting platform for China and one […]

Conversational User Interface (CUI) – A Brief Introduction

Before Conversational UI was Born Before conversational user interface or Conversational UI or CUI become a buzzword in 2017, the younger generation may not know this is how the computer screen looked like. Remembered Command Prompt? This was a text based experience, and required knowledge of computers to compute. The user interface we are familiar […]

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