A Career in Blockchain – The Way Ahead

A Career in Blockchain

At the end of this course, it is very natural to come up and ask.

What now?

Where do I go from here?

How do I carve a career in blockchain?

One of the most frequent questions, people ask me via Quora is – “How to create a career in blockchain?”

To know just that, it is very important to understand the various streams you can consider based on your educational qualification, professional experience, interests.

Career Options in Blockchain

In the following sections we will discuss some career options available to blockchain enthusiasts.

Blockchain Intern

Fresh out of college? Or about to earn your graduation degree? If you are in India, that means earning your B.Sc. in Computer Science, BCA, MCA, B.Tech or M.Tech in Compute Science Engineering and Information Technology. However if you are studying engineering, you can always choose to do your internship with any of the blockchain startups.

To quality for the internship you might need to have an understanding and knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Solidity, Truffle, NodeJS and ReactJS.

You would be responsible for –

  1. designing and developing blockchain solutions
  2. designing and developing smart contracts
  3. developing use cases, proof of concepts for solutions related to distributed ledger technologies


The job prospects of a blockchain developer will continue to be the best among all listed here, for years to come.

We all understand that blockchain is just around the corner and has huge prospects to change the way businesses function. Major industries around the world will seek to implement blockchain based solutions and for the same developers will be required to build digital solutions.

The tasks, responsibilities, technologies and programming languages required will be pretty much the same as discussed for Interns above.

The task of a designer will be to design user interfaces, web pages so that the product or service being offered is intuitive and responsive across devices.

Quality Assurance/Test Engineer

Their role is to ensure quality aspects when it comes to blockchain based systems. This includes working on manual and automation testing, research and advise on the latest available testing frameworks, tools, perform load performance tests among others.

Legal Counsel/Attorney

Many attorneys in technology have reported this year they are getting more phone calls from potential clients who want advice about how to structure and govern ICOs. They also want legal advice on issues they may confront as they are launching their blockchain and financial technology projects. As more businesses develop with blockchain technologies, most of them will need legal guidance as they grow and evolve.


Their job is complex. They are charged with understanding how the company’s daily business functions, the pain points and how to transform this pain into gain through the use of blockchain technology.

This job requires years of experience in a given domain that includes expertise and knowledge in industry verticals and technologies.

Information Security Analyst

As a blockchain information security analyst, your job would be to ensure that information security aspects of the system is defined, designed, implemented and maintained.

Marketing Specialists

This would require you to research potential markets for upcoming blockchain projects or products. Maintaining a social presence in the market is an important aspect for marketing specialists to ensure success.

Data Scientist

The role of a data scientist would be to traverse through and analyze huge chunks of transaction related data. Based on their analysis, development and improvement of blockchain based systems can be taken up and implemented by developers and engineers.

Project Manager

As blockchain projects get executed, there is a need to facilitate and manage them. To join as a project manager in blockchain projects, you need to have a MBA, or if you are already part of big IT MNCs, it can happen through a natural role change or promotion. However, it is important to understand some basic concepts of blockchain and understand the technologies used to work on a specific blockchain project.

Your project specific role would depend on the type of organization you belong to. For example, if your organization is the client that is looking to implement blockchain solutions in its daily operations, your role would significantly be different from a vendor organization who is helping in implementation of the blockchain solution.

Concluding Remarks

If you are already a part of the industry, you would realize that most of these roles already exist today and blockchain. With the advent of blockchain, these roles will continue to exist while the roles, responsibilities, duties, deliverable will be redefined.

Here is a link from blockchain.com’s Career page. You can take a look at this to understand and get a better idea of various blockchain related positions demand and require today.

A Career in Blockchain – The Way Ahead

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