Amazon Echo and Alexa in India – Everything You Ever Wanted to Know

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You are back Back from office, too tired to cook and want to have a nice meal before hitting the bed. You open the Zomato app on your smartphone and search for your favorite restaurant, choose your meal and order online.

Now as you wait for your delivery, you feel the need for some soulful music. You walk up to your music system, plug-in the chords and wires, switch it on, take all the pain to browse to the playlist you wish to hear and then play it.

What if you had a non-human assistant to do it for you – similar to how you see in the sci-fi movies? Like you just need to speak it aloud and your command will be obeyed.

Enter Amazon Alexa voice services and their Echo devices!

You can read a detailed guide on the basics of Amazon Alexa.

Its’ official – India is the fourth country where Amazon has launched its Alexa-powered Echo devices.  The other three countries are USA, UK and

It’s crystal clear – Amazon is leaving no stone unturned to bid its devices to a nation of 1.25 billion.

Amazon Echo India Launch Date

Amazon launched its Alexa powered Echo devices in India on October 4, 2017. Currently the devices are available on invite-only basis. Users can request an early invite to buy the Echo device.

Once you request an invite you will get an SMS and email confirming you of the invite. It can take up to 24 hours depending on a host of factors.

The early shipments for this invite-only orders will start on October 30, 2017.

Can Amazon Echo work in India?

Yes, Amazon Echo does work in India and Amazon has said in an official statement that Amazon can understand English when spoken in Indian accent.

What are the Alexa Powered Devices Available in India 

Amazon has launched the following devices in India –

Echo Dot

Amazon Alexa Echo Dot Features


Amazon Echo


Echo Features

Echo Plus

Echo Plus Features


What can Amazon Alexa-powered Echo Devices Do?

These voice assistants can do a host of useful activities. These include the following:

  • Play music from the likes of Amazon Prime Music, Saavn an TuneIn
  • Check the weather outside
  • Relay the sports scores
  • Check your calendar
  • Set alarms and alerts
  • Manage shopping and to do lists
  • Order food from Zomato
  • Control compatible smart plugs and lights from Philips Hue, Syska, etc.
  • Order a cab from Ola
  • Book a carpenter from UrbanClap, and so on

How to buy Amazon Echo, Echo Dot and Echo Plus in India?

As I have already mentioned previously currently, the Echo devices are available via invite only. The shipment for these orders will start on October 30, 2017.

You can follow the links below to request an invite. Once your invite is accepted on Amazon, you will receive an SMS or email in 24 or 48 hours.

Links to View and Buy Echo Devices

Hit the image to be redirected to Amazon site for detailed features and buying

Buy Amazon Echo Dot (Black)
Amazon Echo Dot (Black)


Buy Amazon Echo Dot (Grey)
Amazon Echo Dot (Grey)


Buy Amazon Echo Plus
Amazon Echo Plus


Buy Amazon Echo (Grey)
Amazon Echo (Grey)
Buy Amazon Echo (Black)
Amazon Echo (Black)


Amazon Echo, Echo Dot and Echo Plus Prices in India

The Echo devices are currently being sold by Amazon at heavy discounts online.

Echo Dot INR 4499 INR 3149

EchoINR 9999 INR 6999

Echo PlusINR 14,999 INR 10,499

What are the Languages Amazon Alexa supports in India?

Amazon Alexa currently supports English with an Indian accent. That means, the device can pick up commands spoken in English by an average Indian.

As per the official statement, Alexa will deliver a “customized Indian experience,” with an “all-new English voice” that understands and converses in local pronunciations and intonation.

It will also support music titles, names, and places in additional non-English languages.

There have been speculations by various media portals that Alexa would support Indian languages like Hindi, Tamil and Marathi, but there has been no official word about it.

However for Amazon to prosper in India, it should support Indian languages in the near future.

The sooner that happens, the better for Amazon and of course for us in India, that although speak English prefer speaking in their mother tongue at home.

What is the Amazon Alexa app and How to Get it?

Amazon Alexa app is the interface between you and your Echo device.

The app processes the voice by linking to services (also called Alexa skills) built into the Alexa ecosystem (it is in cloud) and provides the output to the Echo device for you.

The Amazon Alexa App is available on both Android and iOS.

Link for Android App

Link for iOS App

How to Setup the Amazon Echo in India/How to make Amazon Echo Work in India

Setting up the Amazon Echo in India is pretty simple. The steps are as follows:

  1. Unbox the Echo device, plug in to a power source and ensure it is switched on
  2. Install the Alexa app (links provided above) on your smartphone
  3. Run the application once it has been downloaded and installed on your smartphone
  4. Follow the instructions provided in the app to connect the device to your Echo device

Should you Buy this Device in India – My Take

The big question – should I make this investment?

The device can accomplish all the tasks that Google Assistant does. Remember Google Assistant comes free of cost and there is no added set up required on your end apart from your smartphone with data connection.

Additionally, Echo devices can turn on lights for you for example. Of course, the number of us with such a set up is minuscule. Each of these bulbs or lighting costs a minimum of INR 30000 – 4000 per unit.

In order to take full advantage of Echo, you would need to make an average investment of INR 1,00,000 for a 2 BHK Flat.

As Indians, we have always considered value for money before buying anything, weigh your options before making this investment.

Having said all of it, there is no doubt that Alexa possesses a bright future.

Secondly, to capture the imagination of India and make the offering more attractive, Amazon should ensure that Alexa supports Indian languages – if not all, at least the major ones like Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi.

This is just the beginning and there is a lot more to achieve. Interesting times ahead!

Amazon Echo and Alexa in India – Everything You Ever Wanted to Know

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  1. The Alex’s app is not showing as available in India. What is the work around for this. I have orders my dot and now is doubt.

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