21 Alexa Tips and Tricks No One Told You Before

amazon alexa tips and tricks

Back in 2014 when Alexa was born, nobody would have thought that it would occupy a permanent space in the hearts of the user and become an integral part of daily life. You must have tried many commands and skills but in this post, I will be  discussing some of the most important Amazon Alexa tips and tricks to try on your Echo.

In case you are a new user, remember that Echo is the device (a smart speaker) powered by Alexa. Amazon Alexa is a voice recognition Conversational User Interface backed with Artificial Intelligence and machine learning.

Basic Alexa Tips and Tricks 

Play with the wake word

We all know that Echo comes with a default wake word which is “Alexa”. Try changing the wake word to “Computer”, “Amazon” or “Echo”.

Alexa is always on a listening mode. You can also press the mute button on Echo to switch off the microphones so that Alexa does not create any unwanted mess when guests arrive.

 Voice Training:

Try this once fortnightly. Go to Alexa app-> Menu -> Settings ->Voice Training. This will help Alexa to improve its speech recognition capabilities and will be soon accustomed to the way you speak.

 Clear Voice recordings:

Just as you clean your computer and Smartphones, Alexa also requires cleaning. As all the conversations held between you and Alexa are recorded and kept on the Amazon cloud. Delete it, may be once a week.

 Confirmation sound:

Suppose you are far away from Alexa and you have given a voice command but you are not sure whether Alexa has heard it or not. Then you just need to activate the audible confirmation sound for Alexa. Go to Settings-> [echo name] -> sounds and enable the Wake-up Sound and also End of request sound.

 Accessing Alexa from your Smartphone or Desktop:

In case you don’t have a smart speaker to experience Alexa, then don’t worry. You can feel the magic of Alexa from your Desktop as well.

This is one of my favorite among all Amazon Alexa tips and tricks.

Just open web browser and visit Echhoism.io and then log via your Amazon account. Here you will see a microphone button. Press that and BOOM! Alexa is listening. Fire your queries now!!!

 Alexa Tips and Tricks regarding General Information and problem solving

Definitions/ spellings/ Wikipedia:

You just don’t need to open any browser or book for getting any information. Just ask Alexa about any kind of information you want be it medical, sports, horoscope, definitions or spellings of difficult words.

You can also ask Alexa to read out the Wikipedia page for you.

Mathematics problems:

Wait !!! Are you trying to do a calculation on your calculator? Let Alexa do it for you. Alexa can perform all mathematical functions like factorial, trigonometric functions very easily.

 News Briefing:

You can just ask Alexa to read out the news briefings for you while you are having your breakfast. Alexa reads out the news briefings from the channel you have selected for news such as CNN, BBC etc.

 Weather Forecast:

Planning a vacation in the weekend. Ask Alexa about the weather for the weekend before planning.


Alexa can tell you about your past transactions, your balance and can even pay your credit card bill. Right Now there is a skill named Capital One for the members of Capital One Bank.

Let’s do some shopping!

Amazon Alexa Tips and Tricks for purchasing

Tracking and Ordering:

You can order any product from your Amazon account. You can add the product into your wish list or add it directly to the cart.

In fact, Alexa can also track your order. Just give your order details and it will do it for you.

 Feeling Hungry:

Ask Alexa about the nearby restaurants. There are some skills which can even tell you nearby restaurant for your favorite cuisine.

In fact, you can order Pizza from Domino’s or Pizza Hut by just a voice command. Pizza ordering has never been so easy. Thank you Alexa!!!

Book a cab:

Ask Alexa to book a ride for you from Uber or Lyft for you.

Tips and Tricks for using Alexa as your Home assistant


Allrecipes Skill and Campbell’s Kitchen Skill give you fresh recipes every day. You can also enable Food Network Skill to get the recipe currently played on TV.


Alexa can be your personal trainer as well through its Skills such as fitbit and 7-minute workout.

 To-do / shopping list:

Create your own to-do and shopping list. Ask Alexa to add the thing in your desired list or read out the list to you. In fact you can add calendar events also.


Ask Alexa to wake you up at whatever time you want. You can create multiple alarms as well. For snoozing just ask her “Alexa, Snooze”.


Craving for a coffee but you are tired and cannot do the work. Then just order Alexa. Yess!!! Alexa through IFTTT integrates with Coffee smart Optimal Brew and brews a perfect cup of coffee for you.

It’s Party Time! Tips for entertainment

Stream your music:

Integrate your Pandora, Spotify, Amazon Prime, TuneIn accounts with Alexa and you can play your favorite music or playlist by just a voice command to Alexa.


Now let’s look as some Amazon Alexa tips and tricks for games. You can never feel bored in the company of Alexa. It has stored in itself some great games to make your monotonous life to super exciting and thrilling.

On one hand you can play adventurous games such as The Magic door and Hunt the yeti, while on the hand you can play questionnaire like jeopardy 6, 20 Questions, Guess my number etc.

Fostering of a Smart Home

We all want an opulent smart home with all gadgets just responding and obeying your voice commands. Alexa frames this as an opportunity to make this dream a reality.

Yes!!! Not by your Smartphone but these smart gadgets operate with your voice. There are smart devices such as Philips hue, Samsung SmartThings, Wemo, Nest, Vivint, Neator Vaccum cleaner have already integrated with Alexa.

This was just a small subset of Amazon Alexa tips and tricks. Amazon Alexa has redefined and revolutionized the AI and UI field. Amazon Echo is a magical Box, the more you play with it, the more comes from it.

21 Alexa Tips and Tricks No One Told You Before

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  1. Amazon Echo is the coolest gadget for home right now; It was interesting to read about different tips, tricks, and commands. Here I found a lot of tips and trick for my Amazon Echo that I didn’t know before. Now I’m eager to know more about Amazon Dot.

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