Welcome to the TechieSamrat.com!

The blog is an honest effort to share knowledge and updates on the latest technological advancements happening around the world.

Formerly called as Indian Technology Blog, TechieSamrat.com was created for individuals who are interested in technology and computing and wish to know what goes into making a technology work and more importantly how it does what it does best.

Hey! I am Samrat Roy Chowdhuri and I am the brain behind this blog. I author and edit all the posts that you read on this website. By profession I am a Technology Lead and my passion includes blogging, reading, and cooking.

On this blog, my primary goal is to provide value to my readers – that is also why we provide detailed, in-depth articles and posts in the simplest words possible.

What You’ll Find on Indian Technology Blog

The blog is primarily aimed at anyone who is interested in knowing how technology works.

You’ll find many in-depth articles on some of the latest technologies of the 21st century when it comes to computing.

Some of these include blockchain and conversational user interfaces. Work is in progress to create more such guides on machine learning, deep learning and artificial intelligence, self driving cars and many others!

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