9 Big Tech Ideas in 2017 to Watch Out For

tech ideas in 2017

2017 is just a few days away and there are some big tech ideas in 2017 that are already being discussed in hushed corners of the tech world. Ripples are being created slowly but steadily as prototypes are being created, modified, brainstormed.

LinkedIn published their Top 50 Ideas to watch out for in 2017. I have gone through the entire list and in this post I am sharing the 9 big tech ideas in 2017 that you would watch out for.

Each of these ideas will start affecting our lives sooner than we think. I will stick out my nose and put it to middle of the second quarter in 2017

VR Platform Wars

If 2016 made VR reachable to us, 2017 would be the battle among the various CR platforms.

We can expect a clear winner to emerge as the year passes by.

Sony is ahead, but is it going to win?

Hold your breath!

Tech Ideas in 2017 will see Drones going Powerful

Expect drones to be massively utilized in insurance, agriculture, construction.

You can also expect it being used widely by farmers, telco providers, resort owners.

Autonomous vehicles flying over your head – don’t worry!

Cloud Computing Wars get Fierce

Cloud computing has been in vogue for quite some time now. Worldwide spending is expected to double in 2019 from its 2015 figures.

Some big winners will make merry and there will be some big losers – that’s how the prediction goes.

Microsoft Azure will surpass Amazon AWS and Google will still trail in its cloud offerings.

A note of caution – don’t expect small players to cease to exist. Some will still hold their ground and make it big. Some IPO offerings might be doing the rounds.

Instragram to embrace clickable links

2017 will be the year Instagram will grow as a marketing platform.

Currently links are allowed only in bio of profiles.

Shoppable Instagram feeds with links embedded is exploding and new features like Instagram shopping will help the site grow as a marketing platform.

Chat More and More with Bots

Some large corporations have already started implementing bots to service their clients.

9 Conversational UI Examples

13 Conversational UI Trends for 2017

This will only increase. 2017 will see the rise of “Conversational UI

Dr. Phone 

Systems will need to contain spending on medical care.

2017 will be the year when virtual health becomes mainstream and achieves scale.

In emergeing economies where health care is still a distant remote, the emergence of virtual healthcare will help collect data and deliver important information via SMS.

This will be more cost effective and efficient.

Big Data is not everything

2017 will require looking beyond the bits and bytes.

Human beings will be required to provide human insights based on understanding, empathy and analysis.

There will be more attending paid to shared values more than geography and/or demography.

Here comes the Super Thinkers

Companies like Neurospace and Kernel are already using AI in ways like embedding microelectronics directly within the bodies for prosthetics and Alzheimer’s treatment.

More and more of it will happen in 2017

End of Cable Television, Streaming Service will be Star Makers

TV shows and movies streamed over the internet will get more and more popular with the audience in 2017.

Old media will lose out as brands will seek to improve engagement via the internet.

Streaming service will emerge as the epicenter of culmination of talent.

Expect to see Apple and Spotify do the Grammys.


Expect 2017 to be another year when technology controls more of our lives. Do you think there are other ideas that has been missed out on this list? Write to me and share!

You may read about Linkedin’s 50 Big Ideas for 2017.

9 Big Tech Ideas in 2017 to Watch Out For

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