How to Make Chatbot – 21 Awesome Chatbot Tools

Make Your Chatbot 21 chatbot Tools

Chatbots are fun, isn’t it?

It’s fun interacting with one – you never know what sort of a response you will receive – smart, humorous, or unpredictable. On the other hand if you are running a business and are looking to have an efficient customer service without shooting your costs up, you should give a thought to how to make your own chatbot.

Not to forget that chatbots are trending now and more and more enterprises are looking to adopt the same.

If you are new to conversational UI and wish to see conversational UI in action, consider these examples.

At Indian Technology Blog, this article will provide you with a detailed list of 21 chatbot creating tools.

Some of these tools are available for free, some are premium, and some have both versions available.

1. – Powerful make your own chatbot tool

A powerful chatbot tool to create your own conversational chatbot based on Natural Language Understanding (NLU).

It’s a blessing in disguise both for developers as well as users.

Make your own chatbot in 3-simple steps. Create an agent, then train it and finally deploy it.

Platform: Website

Price: Free


·        Equipped with NLU tools to develop, analyze and integrate unique conversational scenarios

·         Comes with inbuilt knowledge packages such as weather, booking flights, news and encyclopedia data

·         Incredible machine learning experience

·         Allows multi-switching between conversations

·         Easy integrations with Cortana, Alexa and other messaging platforms such as Skype, Cisco Spark etc.

·         Easy and quick deployment after a few days of training

·         Offers cross-platform support

·         Till now supports 14 languages and more are in queue

·         High performance guaranteed with unlimited user requests

2.     Botsify

Add new dimension to your business with the new chatbot creator named Botsify.

It is specifically designed for Facebook users.  You need to begin with integrating your Facebook account with Botsify, which you can do by visiting the website.

Once done, you need to set a webhook followed by writing commands and then allow it to carry out the customer service for you.

Platform:  Website

Price: Free upto 1 chatbot


·         Easy and quick integrations via plugins which such as via RSS Feed or JSON API.

·         It picks the similar queries and reverts with the best answer

·         Easy integration of analytics platforms such as

·         Drag and drop User Interface

·         Amazing machine learning power. Can make him learn new sentences and correct it whenever and wherever it fails.

·         A perfect example of Smart AI solution 

3.     Beep Boop

This chatbot is now in its beta version and is incredible.  So if you are looking to make a chatbot consider this.

Beep Boop is a paid and turnkey hosting platform specially designed for developers for Slack and Facebook Integrations.  

It generally involves two steps.

First, you need to develop the code using Github and internet hosting service.

The next step involves linking with your Facebook Messenger or Slack application by launching that code. Now the Messenger/ Slack bots are ready for the real time communication/chat.

Platform:  App

Price: Paid (free only for a limited period)


·        Hosting, deploying and sharing the slack integration is completed within seconds.

·        As the source code is maintained by GitHub repository and gets launched as a docker container, it supports many languages as well as frameworks.

·        Slapp is an open source module used for slack integrations. It is used from simple slack commands to complex ones.

·        Easy analytics module integration

4.     BotKit

BotKit provide a comprehensive solution to make your own chatbot. It is used to build powerful conversation user interfaces for Facebook Messenger and Slack applications and Cisco Spark etc.

The capabilities of BotKit work similar as humans such as listening, talking and then replying.

Platform:  Apps

Price: Free


·         Bots made from BotKit can be used in both brand engagement and marketing campaigns.

·         It follows easy integrations with existing applications and provide them with conversational Interfaces

·         It follows platform specific interaction design

·         Ease of data flow

·         A user can chose its own deployment method, analytics solution and NLP stack

5.     Chatty People

Chatty People is a very powerful chatbot creation tool used for creation of chatbots for Facebook messenger, payment gateways (Stripe, PayPal) etc.

In fact, Chatty People does not require any coding for its integration with Facebook and helps in seamless communication. If you are looking to create a bot that requires no coding, consider this.

Platform:  website

Price: Free (up to 100 customers)


·         Seamless communication with Facebook comments and messenger

·         Free Integration with Stripe, bKash, PayPal and other major Payment gateways

·         Order can be taken from comments and messenger messages

·         Easily recognizes variation in the trigger words and phrase

6.     ChatFuel helps Create Chatbot in 7 Minutes

ChatFuel powers the individual to make your own chatbot in exactly 7 minutes with no coding required.

It is indeed one of the most popular chatbots in the market.

Major brands and companies such as MTV, Adidas, BA( British Airways), CNBC, TechCrunch, ABC News, BuzzFeed, Uber have used this tool to power their chatbots.

According to current statistics 46k chatbots are already into existence.

Platform: App

Price: Free


·         User friendly interface

·         Cross platform support

·         Have inbuilt pre-defined answers and keyboard actions

·         It Automatically publish bots to botstore for pitching new users

·         Incredible analytics support

·         Excellent media support to make the user’s experience rich and satisfactory 

7.     ChatScript

It is one of the best chatbot tools which is completely budget friendly.

As it is an open source, the source code is available on GitHub repository. ChatScript had its origin back in 2009 when Bruce and Sue Wilcox were working to create characters for interactive games.

 Platform: Website

Price: Free


  • User friendly Interface with easy comprehensible outputs
  • Automatically completes sentences and the recognizes the variation in trigger words
  • Incredible pattern matching by using the term “concepts”
  • It covers vast subjects
  • It is written in C/C++ 

8.     Cortana Intelligence

Personalize and customize your customers’ experience with this yet another powerful and intelligent tool.  It not only boosts your revenues but business gains maximum efficiency. It is a tool from Microsoft.

Platform: app

Price:  NA


·         Supports advanced analytics

·         Way more smarter than other chatbots

·         Inbuilt- pre-designed template for a guided approach

·         Fully secure and easy managing of complex data.


9.     FaceBook Messenger Platform 2.0

Now Facebook offers creating its own chatbot via Facebook developer page.

It’s a little more complicated and advanced as compared to other chatbots. You have to set up some tools such as messenger plugins, codes and links etc. But the best part is that everything is completely documented.

Platform: App

Price: free


·         A bot can be created in just 10 minutes

·         Well written and guided API’s for different modules

·         Incredible and rich user experience

10. Smooch

Smooch is yet another very popular and powerful tool used to create conversational chatbots.

The main functionality of smooch is to forward all the notifications and messages from normal apps to business apps.

Basically it acts as a bridge between the business apps such as Shopify, Zendesk, Slack etc and normal apps such as Facebook messenger, twitter etc.

Platform: App

Price: Free up to 500 conversations


·         Fast and cost-efficient

·         Single API for all channels

·         Regularly updated so it is future safe

·         With 99.95%uptime, it guarantees robust message delivery

·         Reduces the maintenance cost

·         Support email, chat and phone

11. FlowXO

A business ready chatbot solution with a very user friendly interface and the single most platform for over 100 integrations. You can create bots for Messenger, Telegraph, SMS, Slack and web indeed.

Platform: App/Web

Price: Free (up to 500 interactions)


·         Incredible cross platform support

·         Flexible approach in building a bot.

·         Business Ready

·         Customer support provided

12. MeOkay

Another very popular chatbot making tool which helps in email marketing and promotional strategy.  Your subscribers can see the advertised messages in their messenger itself.

Platform: app

Price: Free (15 days trial period)


·         Seamless communication channel between user and Facebook messenger.

·         Opportunity to capture the global market

·         Easy integrations with payment gateways.

·         A strong emotional attachment with the users

·         Incredible recognition of trigger words and phrases. 

13. MS Bot Framework – Chatbot tools for Enterprise

The USP of this tool is that it comes with an attachment option. MS Bot Framework can build chatbots for Facebook, Skype, email, Slack, Office 365 mail etc.

The framework comes with SDK’s for Node.js and.Net platform.

Platform: app/website

Price: Free


·         It is Open source, thus affordable

·         SDK’s power the chatbots with cognitive services and some great diagloues as well.

·         Amazing cross platform support


14. is an incredibly exceptional platform to visually train, build and deploy chatbots on Messenger, SMS, Slack, Smooch, and even your website.

You just need to be good at creating a flowchart and leave the rest to this intelligent chatbot developer.

 Platform: Web/app

Price: Free (upto two chatbots). Premium plans start from $15/month.


·         Streamlines all the complex work

·         No Programming or coding skills required

·         Liberty Mutual, Kia, WIX, Sony have their chatbots built on

15. uses NLP (Natural Language Processing) technique and some deep machine learning to create more accurate answers. Its for people who are really into some serious business.

It gets integrated easily with Facebook messenger, Twitter, LINE, Slack, Zendesk, Shopify, whatsapp etc.

Platform: app

Price: free upto 50 users. Premium plans start at $49 onwards


·         Three easy steps in chatbot creation: build, train and deploy

·         Powerful Converse module which allows human interference when the bot is confused

·         With the help of Announce module engaging content can be created for the potential audience

·         Awesome analytics module 

16. PandoraBots

An excellent chatbot creating tool for games & toys, domain expertise, customer service, virtual assistance and advertising. PandoraBots Playground offers an integrated development interface to make your own chatbot.

You can integrate the bots into the apps using AlaaS (Artificial Intelligence as a Service).

AlaaS provides the desired API access to the SDK’s and the bot hosting platform which makes the work of developers easier.

They also help to leverage avatar and speech capabilities.

Platform: apps

Price: Free


·         Multilingual support

·         By using Pandorabots API, a bot can be deployed in any application

·         Provides genuine speech interfaces

·         Allows customization of AIML content

·         Smart example of machine learning and artificial Intelligence


17. Telegram Bots

This is the company’s (Telegram) official chatbot developer tool.  Have a pre-defined list of queries and answerable specially designed only for Telegram app.

It supports multimedia as well which provides the users with richest of experience. As the code is open source, third party integrations are also possible.

Platform: apps

Price: Free


·         Easy acceptance of payments via the app

·         All messages prebuilt such as checkout details, invoice, successful payment etc

·         Multilingual ready

·         Supports short multimedia messages as well

18. provides a very simple way of creating your own chatbot for free. It’s just the training part which consumes time, rest of the steps are quick and simple. The more you train the chatbot, the more intelligent it becomes.

Platform: apps/web

Price:  Free


·         No programming knowledge required

·         Using chatbots Increases the profits associated with the business.

·         Exact and accurate answers.

19. Recast is an excellent chatbot tool for developers. You can build, train, deploy and monitor at the same time. 100% accurate results and no dumb answers.

As it is an open source, it falls completely into the budget. To manage the conversational flow, there is a single tool which can do all the works starting from drawing, setting up and managing.

Platform: apps

Price:  Free


·         It goes for fast prototyping. Within minutes you can organize and control the data flow

·         It Focuses on important information to create a truly context aware bot

·         It also leverages and keeps adding to the the memory of the bot to signify human-like interactions.

·         The API’s are very developer friendly


20. KitBot

KitBot is a personal SMS chatbot which helps to maintain your social relationship or rather helps you being social.

It will remind people about your daily activities with your friends and also reminds you bout people whom you haven’t seen from some time or haven’t sent a message.

You just need to visit the website and register your phone number over there and that’s it!!!

Platform: App


This tool powers you to make your own chatbot and build, train, and deploy the intelligent conversational chatbots on apps. The chatbots designed can be used both for apps as well as website communication.  It shows an incredible powerful natural language understanding & machine learning system. It can analyze even the parts of the sentence to capture the correct context of conversation.

Any Other Chatbot Tool?

Do you know about any other great chatbot tool which is easy to use, and makes communication better and easier. Drop in a comment at Indian Technology Blog and share with us.


How to Make Chatbot – 21 Awesome Chatbot Tools

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