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Hey Folks! I am Samrat Roy Chowdhuri, the Chief Blogger of this website.

I am an IT professional, and you can read my story in the “About” section.

This blog is majorly focused on Blockchain for now because it intrigues me on how data and transactions can be made trust-less thus promoting transparency in every sphere of our life. I have been following the blockchain space very closely for over 3 years now and this blog is one of the very few individual-run Blockchain based blogs in India today.

To get started on the blockchain, click on the “Learn Blockchain” button below. It will redirect you to the blockchain resource library neatly arranged to help you learn the basic and advanced concepts powering the blockchain.

If you are interested to read my blogs on blockchain, click on the “Read Blockchain Blogs” button. The blog section contains learning materials from above as well my take on blockchain related subjects, including some nicely curated stuff related to the topic.

Apart from blockchain, I also write on conversational user interfaces or chatbots. Also called Conversational UI, this is a trending technology that promises to change the way we interact between ourselves as well as the world around us. To read my blogs on the topic, use the button below.

For my take on everything else related to computing and technology…

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